Light Body Healing Meditation

With such busy lifestyles, it can seem hard to find time to meditate. We’re here to help!

Join us February 29th as Dr. Nchekwube teaches the benefits and How To’s of meditation in a safe and friendly group environment.

Meditation is from 1pm to 2pm and is completely FREE!

**Please show consideration for others in the group by silencing cell phone & arrive on time if possible to avoid distractions.

Why Meditate?

Meditation can help to control:
• Anger
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Insecurity
• Fear of Old Age
• Fear of Death
• Lack of Creativity
• Stress
• Blood Pressure

We’ll see you there!

FREE February Seminar – 10 Habits of Happy & Healthy People

Have you ever met someone who was naturally always in good spirits and good health?

Were you curious or even possibly envious of this person?

Join us February 29th to discover how YOU can become a radiant and healthy individual as well!

At 2pm Dr. Nchekwube will cover the 10 Habits that happy and healthy individuals practice daily!

This knowledge will empower your Body, Mind and Soul.

Best of all – this lecture is completely open to the public at no cost, so bring a friend who deserves happiness as well!

**Please try to silence cell phones and arrive on time as to not interrupt other participants. Thank you!**

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Dr. Nchekwube’s January Seminar

On January 25th, 2020 Doctor Nchekwube will host a free seminar to the public from 1-2pm.

Doctor will discuss the benefits and practice of Light body & healing meditation. If you have never been to a Meditation session, know that you will actually be able to learn and apply this meditation technique under doctor’s direction in a safe and friendly group setting!

*IMPORTANT FRIENDLY REMINDER: We begin meditation at 1 PM so please try to be on time as to not interrupt the other participants. Please have all cell phones on Silent for the duration of the event.

On January 25th, 2020 Dr. Nchekwube will discuss how to Detox & Melt away Holiday weight from 2-4pm.


Join Doctor Nchekwube and learn how simple it is to melt excess fat,  remove toxins from the body, and improve your brain function! He will discuss how to use food as medicine, age less, improve your mood, and most importantly..  how to feel great! This knowledge is FREE to the public, so bring a friend! Questions are always welcomed after the discussion!

Dr. Nchekwube’s December Seminar

Join Dr. Nchekwube from 1pm-2pm to learn the power of deep progressive body awareness combined with meditation. Discover how to RENEW and HEAL your body.Find out how to ENERGIZE and ENLIGHTEN your Entire Body! (Doctor will lead the seminar group in meditation after discussing the fundamentals)!

*IMPORTANT FRIENDLY REMINDER:We begin meditation at 1 PM so please try to be on time as to not interrupt the other participants. Also please have all cell phones on SILENT for the duration of the event.






From 2pm to 4pm,  Dr. Nchekwube will explain the many benefits of wine & resveratrol including:

Anti- Aging
Heart Health
Cancer prevention
Weight loss

This lecture is FREE to the public and we encourage you to bring a friend!